​A method for assessing the toxicological potentials of product systems in a life cycle perspective

The ProScale method is operational since 2017
An extensive database covering basic chemicals is developed and expanding 
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About ProScale

What is ProScale?

ProScale is a method providing a hazard and exposure based scoring system for comparing chemical risks associated with products in a life cycle perspective.



ProScale was initiated in 2016 by a consortium of 7 partners, with the aim of providing companies across the industrial value chain with a reliable tool enabling them to address stakeholders' requests to provide toxicological information on the chemicals used in their product systems.

ProScale offers a performance based indicator that can consolidate hazard and direct exposure potentials from chemicals along their life cycle, that can be applied and communicated within Life Cycle Analysis ("LCAs"), Environmental Product Declarations (“EPDs”) and Product Environmental Footprints (“PEFs”) by

  1. using life cycle thinking,

  2. using a risk-based approach for product assessments,

  3. aggregating from single product to a complete product solution and

  4. using existing, systematic data


Current status

  • Phase I of ProScale, focusing on human direct exposure related toxicological aspects, was completed in 2017. 



  • Implementation of Phase I of ProScale -  2018 (ongoing, and open to external contributions)

    • development of an online database platform

    • population of the database with data sets for ca. 200 basic chemicals

    • tool database access: click here

  • Initiation of Phase II of ProScale - 2021 (subject to prior scoping)

    • integrating ecotoxicological aspects in the ProScale scoring system


ProScale Consortium members